Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sunset Bike Rides

We've been riding our bikes each night.
Some nights we ride to visit family,
other nights to get coffee,
or ice cream.

It's so much fun.
Springtime in Redlands is the best.
The smell of orange blossoms in the air and when you ride past them with your bike you can feel the temperature change.

Have I told you how much I love where we live?

Speaking of bike rides...Brandon & Ayden are racing at the Redlands Bicycle Classic this Saturday!
They are gonna kick butt!



Lea the Lion said...

How fun!! Our bikes just came in the mail today, we couldn't ride them because it was too windy outside but how do you like that baby seat? Is it easy to steer? Does the baby seat get in your way when you're riding?

with love, the fishers said...

@Lea, I love the baby seat! I like having him in front of me instead of in the back, and he doesn't get in the way at all.
The only thing is you do ride a lil' bow legged because of the seat but nothing super uncomfortable.

mZ E said...

Night time in the spring and summer are the BEST! *smile* I must say I haven't been on a family bike ride in awhile. I have been talking bout getting one and get the toddler seat on the back...that would be great! I usually walk and push ma daughter in her stroller while ma son rides his bike next to me. So basically, I need to get with the program so that we can be riding together! *smile* Enjoy those bike rides and this Beautiful Friday! *smile*

lauren ♥ said...

do you have a weeride for lucas!? i have one for malcolm and we LOVE ours! danny and the kids gave it to me last year for mother's day, and it really was the best gift ever. i can't wait to start riding again too, once all this rain stops <3

with love, the fishers said...

@Lauren, yeah it's the weeride. we were going to get a bike trailer, but decided on this and I'm so glad that we did because it is so awesome and we love it so much. And Lucas LOVES it.