Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Inspiration

I haven't unpacked my craft boxes yet...and I am having withdrawls.
Up first is this lovely t-shirt DIY from PS-I made this.

These jars are so beautiful.
Kyle scored about 100 vintage books at an estate sale AND
this would be one thing we could do with them...

A pillow covered in rosettes using t-shirt scraps.
It's so sweet, AND another pillow is always a good thing.

Ugh! I am dying to have my short red hair be LONG red hair.
I know Kyle is too.
 Summer movie nights. this is happening.

**All photos courtesy of pinterest.**


Steff said...

Ahh! I HAVE to make that shirt. So cute!

mZ E said...

You have DEF put some ideas and motivations in ma head! *smile* I found your blog on a blog from blog hopping. I'm mZ E by the way. *smile* I hope to become blogging friendz and get to know comment with you. Enjoy the rest of your Wonderful Wednesday! *smile*

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am loving the summer movie night pic

Dena said...

@steff, if you make that shirt you have to tell me how it turned out?

@no.1517, so amazing right?

@mZe, Welcome and thanks for commenting :)

Steff said...

Yep, I definitely will! =D

Anonymous said...

The pocketbooks are really cute, but I love the t-shirt--so many possibilities to change it up and dress it up or down....