Monday, February 28, 2011


This weekend wore me out, but in a totally great way.
I think in the 3 weeks we've lived at our house we've had people over every single day. 
Funny because we weren't the best at hosting friends at our old place...
maybe because they were scared of the hood? 
But I can't wait to have more friends watch out that means you? haha!

Speaking of friends, I am realizing what a terrible one I am.

I hurt a friends' feelings with my bad communication skills and it made me realize that I really need to step it up. If I was being graded I'd get a solid D+.  

Because besides whooping it up at home with my pack,
and galloping to the gym,
I don't get out much. 
And that means I need to keep all the friends I've got. 
So don't jump ship yet! 

Life just flows from one day to the next,
and you get so caught up in the day to day without even realizing it's been days or weeks or sadly months since you talked to a close friend. Bad. 

So I vow to be more thankful, to really love you.
To invest more time in your life,
and not be so wrapped up in my own.
(I really hate that sentence, but man it's the truth.)

How do you all juggle maintaining friendships being a wife & mommy? 
Suggestions greatly appreciated!

Love you all!
*And I mean it!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My day in photos

Chocolate Chip Muffins

Piles & Piles of Laundry to carry upstairs.

Lucas boy ready to leave.

Me & my new iphone case.

My favorite drink

And my new favorite shoes.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Sunday Kyle & I spent the day sprucing up our shop. 
And I am so excited about our new pieces.

We've been talking about actually opening up a larger space,
because we have so much great stuff that we just can't fit in the space we have now. 

I was telling Kyle today how I would love to start selling vintage at traveling craft fairs... how fun would that be?


Monday, February 21, 2011

Me, honestly....

Last October I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Anxiety. 

I knew for such a long time I was struggling with "something."
And I knew whatever I was going through wasn't a normal every day emotion.

It was something that needed to be fixed, and it was completely out of my control. 

It surfaced a few months after Lucas was born (although as I look back I definitely had it after Ayden was born too),
and as I brushed it off time after time as being overly tired, and overwhelmed...
my symptoms just compounded until one day I exploded.

I remember feeling constantly "crazed"; stressed, angry, sad, resentful...
I mean I would,
stress over everything-no matter the size,
take on a million things at once (knowing I couldn't handle it all), rejecting any offers for help because they "just couldn't do it right".
I became so impatient,
so quick to anger,
and so sad to the core.

I was a mess.

Before when I would feel this way,
it would last a few days max, and then things would be back to normal.
But then it began lasting weeks,
and it would take me so long to recover.

I felt so lost, so alone, and completely confused.
I never talked to anyone about what I was going through, 
out of embarrassment or fear. Which was a huge mistake.

I thought I could ignore it,
Or that I could fix it myself.
And that over time it would just go away. 
But it didn't. It just got worse.

And then one night I read a friend's blog and she posted a link to a website about Postpartum Depression and anxiety.
I sat there reading line after line,
because I finally had my answer.

So I went to the doctor the following day.

I sat in her office with my piece of paper with a million notes scribbled on it, not wanting to forget to tell her anything.
And she looked at me and said that it was going to be okay.
And that felt so good to hear.

She prescribed me medication to help.
And they began working right away.
I felt like I was lifted from a fog. 
A horrible fog that was swallowing my life.

Now, I'm doing so good.
For now, I stopped taking medication and have begun finding alternative remedies.
Like yoga.
Which has been life changing. 
I go pretty consistently, about 5 or 6 days a week and it has helped so much with my depression. 

I do have moments though where I feel like I am falling again.
Symptoms I recognize like a bad dream and I have help for that.
But I am much more in control now then I was 6 months ago and I don't feel like I've spiritually failed when I seek the use of anti-depressants. 

But still my heart breaks for the sad woman I once was.

Because I wasn't alone.
There is so much help out there.

This blog was a great resource for me.

and thanks friend for sharing your struggles so openly and honestly. 
You really helped change my life.


9 is fine

Today my boy turned 9 years old.
That's half way to 18. wow.
And next year...double digits.
I can hardly believe it!

But seriously how lucky did we get to be able to have him as our kid? 

I daydream sometimes about how he is going to be as a adult,
and I can't wait to meet this man.
I can't wait to see him as a father and a husband,
because man I know he is going to be so good at both.

His day went like this:

Art Glass at the Redlands Art Gallery
(Cartoon classes, thanks to Grandma)

Chili Dogs & Chips
(his request)

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Cupcakes 

And his present.
We finally broke down and got him a Wii.
For so long the idea of spending $200 on this was too hard to swallow. I just couldn't do it.
but all the grandparents pitched it ended up being not so bad. thanks guys.

And he was so excited.

Happy birthday my oldest and dearest.
Being your mom is my favorite thing to do.
You are so wise.
You are so sensitive.
You give me a guilt trip for going to yoga.
( you have to go everyday...?) haha!
You eat like it's going out of style.
And you are my biggest fan.

I love you dearly.
I hope you had the best day!

Friday, February 18, 2011

What I'm Eating? Toddler Food Friday

Today Lucas ate:

Roasted sweet potatoes (left over from dinner the night before),
1 "veggie" faux chicken nugget,
String Cheese,
and 2 grape tomatoes. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

Today Kyle came home with this!

Shoot, you have no idea how excited I am.

He seriously has the best luck finding the things I love most.

Where I can hunt for months with nothing...
He can find them like they are nothing. 
Lucky guy. 

it's nice having my own personal picker.

Oh and my find arrived in the mail today. 
I found her on Ebay and it's by far the greatest paint by number in my collection. 
She is eerie, sullen and so so beautiful. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I watched this documentary yesterday. And it broke my heart. 
But in such a good way. The kind of way that stirs you up on the inside and makes you want to go out and save the world. 

"With knowledge comes great responsibility." 

It's so beautiful to see the life of this one man, who makes it his life's mission to inform the world about the atrocities taking place in other countries. I'm so humbled by people like him. 

It's airing all month on HBO, if you love documentaries you'll love this one.

On a sidenote: Wouldn't it be so fun to start a film night once a month where we eat good food & watch a great documentary? 
Happy Wednesday! 

Monday, February 14, 2011

A weekend full of love

We had a love day weekend.
Friday night Me & Kyle went out to dinner for Valentine's Day.
It was my turn to plan the night.

We ate steak.

Drank diet coke.
Talked about trying to stay out until 10,
went to a quiet coffee shop for dessert and decided to call it a night at 8:30.

We are old. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday night I told the boys that I wanted to take them out for a date.
Brandon was excited. Picked out a special outfit, wore cologne (his choice) and deodorant 
Ayden said, "Does this mean we have to get married?" 

Doesn't Ayden look so happy about our date??? 

We went to the movies & saw Gnomeo & Juliet in 3D.

And if I had any doubts about Ayden not liking our date it all changed when he shouted, "THIS IS THE BEST DATE EVER!!! (while laughing with a mouth full of gummy worms).

After the movie we had pancakes.
Because the 3 of us love breakfast for dinner,
and since daddy doesn't...we go all out when we are together.

We had so much fun. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fisher Foto Friday

Today we:

Went to Target to shop for Valentines'.
This year I asked the boys to be my valentine.
So we have a date tomorrow night.

Lucas ate pudding. And loved it.

I visited my dear friend who just had a baby boy.
He is beautiful & so sweet & so little. 
I already forgot what it's like having one that little. I miss it!
But we had to leave in a hurry because my boys are big and loud and in to everything

Now I have to get ready in a hurry because tonight I am surprising my cute man with a valentine's day date.

It was my turn to plan it....

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quick Home Tour...well actually just the living room.

So here's a quick sneak peek at the living room.

Every piece we have was found at a thrift store or a yard sale (besides the TV and a few accessories). 

Kyle refinished all of the teak furniture himself which was great because some of the pieces were really beat up. Like wood bubbling up, peeling back bad.
But he brought it back to life and now they look brand new.

So far I really love how it's turning out.

What do you think?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday

See me at Sometimes Sweet today for Tattoo Tuesday!

Oh and if you haven't started following Sometimes Sweet, you should stop by and say hi! She's a favorite!

Monday, February 7, 2011

We moved...and....

we just got internet back!

Right now life feels out of sorts.
I can see it in my boys,
they look uneasy.

How have you survived a move with your family? 

Tonight when I put them to bed they both got teary eyed when they talked about our old house.

It made me feel so sad.

But I'm glad that we are here.
It's really nice,
and man it has so many perks!

Like more than one outlet in each room,
more than one telephone jack in the whole house,
more than one bathroom,
and actual closets!

Good things!

I hope you had a great weekend!!!
I'll take pictures and post them this week, if your curious. 


Friday, February 4, 2011

What I'm Eating? Toddler Food Friday

Have you seen this baby food at Target?

I just started feeding it to Lucas and he loves it.
The food combinations are great; combinations you really want to feed your baby.

Not like the turkey dinner or meatloaf mixtures you see at the store. Which honestly make me nauseous just looking at'em.
And forget it if a piece lands on my arm when I'm feeding Lucas, I might just lose it. 

So when I ran across Happy Baby, I was so excited to try them out.

They are all certified Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, and Gluten-Free. And include vitamins, minerals, omega-3's and antioxidants.  

It's the next best thing to you making baby food fresh at home.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

February 1st marked our 1 month anniversary at Redlands Galleria,
and I'm so happy to say that our booth is doing great!

And we've had such a great response.

One of my favorites was meeting a buyer who traveled from LA just to shop our booth again!
He said it was one of the best mid century booths he'd seen.

Awesome right?!

The more time that passes the more and more in love I am with what we get to do.
Not only as hobby but a career, because I'm hoping that one day our "booth" with turn into a "building."

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Sunday night I had a real life dinner with no babies,
and just friends for Lisa's birthday.

It was so nice.

We ate a million small plates (have you had the Vietnamese Tacos from The Cheesecake Factory? They are so good),
and had a real life adult conversation.

Mostly about how thankful we are for each other,
and the fact that we've known each other for almost 15 years!

I love these two.
and seriously cherish our time together. 

Happy birthday Lisa!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well, here I am....still packing away our house.

So far, I've ran out of boxes twice this week.
I never realized our lil' 900 square foot house held that much stuff.
(You heard right, 5 people and a dog in 900 square feet....see now why we are moving?)

Over the weekend, Brandon stepped on a nail and it went thru his foot. He's been sick ever since? 

Poor thing hobbled to the door and told me he was sorry that this happened, and with tears streaming down his face, was his foot going to fall off?
It was so sweet and so sad.

But he's doing better now, I hope.

Tomorrow is officially our final day at 26607.

I thought I would be more emotional,
but seeing is I can't find anything and
am surrounded by towers of boxes...
moving is looking really good right about now.

Except when I'm sweating helping kyle carry a mattress upstairs...

I might change my mind then.