Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well, here I am....still packing away our house.

So far, I've ran out of boxes twice this week.
I never realized our lil' 900 square foot house held that much stuff.
(You heard right, 5 people and a dog in 900 square feet....see now why we are moving?)

Over the weekend, Brandon stepped on a nail and it went thru his foot. He's been sick ever since? 

Poor thing hobbled to the door and told me he was sorry that this happened, and with tears streaming down his face, was his foot going to fall off?
It was so sweet and so sad.

But he's doing better now, I hope.

Tomorrow is officially our final day at 26607.

I thought I would be more emotional,
but seeing is I can't find anything and
am surrounded by towers of boxes...
moving is looking really good right about now.

Except when I'm sweating helping kyle carry a mattress upstairs...

I might change my mind then.



Lea the Lion said...

So happy for you and your little family! A little extra elbow room is nice.

I hope Brandon feels better, stepping on a nail can be serious stuff.

Amber said...

Good Luck! Make sure Kyle carries you through the doorway ;0)

with love, the fishers said...

Thanks ladies!