Friday, February 11, 2011

Fisher Foto Friday

Today we:

Went to Target to shop for Valentines'.
This year I asked the boys to be my valentine.
So we have a date tomorrow night.

Lucas ate pudding. And loved it.

I visited my dear friend who just had a baby boy.
He is beautiful & so sweet & so little. 
I already forgot what it's like having one that little. I miss it!
But we had to leave in a hurry because my boys are big and loud and in to everything

Now I have to get ready in a hurry because tonight I am surprising my cute man with a valentine's day date.

It was my turn to plan it....


JLYoungsma said...

You are smokin' hot. I CANNOT wait to live closer to you. Hangouts for dayzzzzz!!!! <3

Little Tree Vintage said...

you look amazing!! love the outfit and how cute is that first photo!

with love, the fishers said...

thanks ladies!
@Jess, I seriously can't wait!