Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

February 1st marked our 1 month anniversary at Redlands Galleria,
and I'm so happy to say that our booth is doing great!

And we've had such a great response.

One of my favorites was meeting a buyer who traveled from LA just to shop our booth again!
He said it was one of the best mid century booths he'd seen.

Awesome right?!

The more time that passes the more and more in love I am with what we get to do.
Not only as hobby but a career, because I'm hoping that one day our "booth" with turn into a "building."


Mermegan said...

I stumbled onto your blog and am always on the hunt for MCM items for my house (as long as they're somewhat affordable that is!) What are the hours for your store?

Mermegan said...

Nermind, I found it! I bought the mail organizer. I've been needing one for ages, so cute. Definitely will stop by again when I'm in town.

with love, the fishers said...

That's awesome!!! We just got our internet back (yay!) otherwise I would have responded sooner, I'm glad you found it!