Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I watched this documentary yesterday. And it broke my heart. 
But in such a good way. The kind of way that stirs you up on the inside and makes you want to go out and save the world. 

"With knowledge comes great responsibility." 

It's so beautiful to see the life of this one man, who makes it his life's mission to inform the world about the atrocities taking place in other countries. I'm so humbled by people like him. 

It's airing all month on HBO, if you love documentaries you'll love this one.

On a sidenote: Wouldn't it be so fun to start a film night once a month where we eat good food & watch a great documentary? 
Happy Wednesday! 


Havis said...

I'm in, for the film night. Let's make it happen.

Dena said...

heather! are you serious? don't tease me :) haha!

Amber said...

I'm in! Now you have a party! Tell me when ;0)

Danielle said...

Count me IN for the film night! That sounds like so much fun. Everyone could bring their own fave movie snack to perfect!

If only AZ was closer :(

kadybeth said...

Documentary night would be a great night...check out The Cove, Young at Heart and Darhma Brothers. Enjoy!!

Dena said...

Danielle! I freakin' wish AZ was closer!

Amber- awesome. I'll let you know.

Kadybeth-Thanks for the movie recommendations! I'm always looking for good ones :)

lauren ♥ said...

i want to come to your film night too!

my husband just bought us a great documentary called The Philosopher Kings, you should definitely search that one out as well!