Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Inspiration

So pretty. They look like beautiful paint brushes.

 I love this family photo...
inspires me to have one done of our pack.

Such a sweet idea for a mobile.


Love this headboard.
 It looks so simple to make.

so cute.

Counting down the days until spring... 
I love pretty floral dresses.




...with ♥, SB said...

Wow these pictures are great. That headboard is awesome. Those herbs growing along side there are pretty fabulous as well! Wish I had a movile like that for my kiddos when they were younger.

Thank you for sharing.

Elora said...

Fantastic Inspiration blog! :D I definitely do love that family photo.

Little Tree Vintage said...

you always have the best photos!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

rad post! they really do resemble paint brushes and that headboard is brill.

i've just found you through sarah's blog "the electric twist" and actually was drawn in b/c i have the same last name as you guys (are you of Scottish descent?). kinda cool, had to look, love your blog total. it's full of goodness and your oldest, 9! i think you are such a gorgeous, young momma!!! and i emphasize "young" after reading about calling it a night at 8:30pm, we do that too and feel like blue hair may start growing from our heads but it never does ; )

happy rest of the week wishes. ♥

with love, the fishers said...

Lynn, the blue hair comment made me laugh out loud! So true.