Saturday, March 19, 2011

Playing Dress up

This week we played dress up.
Styling a photoshoot for our vintage shop.
It was so much fun.

And not to mention these jewels: they are all handmade vintage cotton dresses from the 50's.
(You really have a hard time finding cotton dresses from this era, so these are treasures).
And they are in mint condition.
The orange one on the top right is my all time favorite!

Thanks to Amber & Booger for modeling your beautiful selves!


Foy Family said...

You can't sell those. You have to keep them for yourself and wear them everyday cuz they're amazing.

with love, the fishers said...

they ARE SO amazing, but getting on these dresses was comical. I'm just not as petite as I'd like to be at times :)

Kels said...

These photos are priceless!

Amber said...

These turned out great. We pose well!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pics!