Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Amber!

Re-reading my last post I left this space quite sad & somber...

I know that although I try and keep my blog "happy" & I rarely ever step on topics that are too deep for my sneaks up on you. And as dark as it can be at times, it's to hard for me to ignore. 

Okay, now on to a "happy" post.


I have had pretty much the same group of friends since Jr. High.
They are like sisters.
We fight.
We bicker.
And we love each other with a passion that can't ever be explained in words.

Saturday night we got together to celebrate Amber's 31st birthday.

(She's the blond one on the right, that when told to make a goofy face...she went for "Schmegal" from the Lord of the Rings. A-A-A-A-M-A-zing.) 

We went to Romano's for dinner.
And on the way while trying to take photos of ourselves, a photographer happened to walk by and offer her skills.
Lucky right?

The night was so good.
We ate way to much.
Talked the whole time, 
about life,
being in our 30's,
and being so thankful we still have each other.

I love looking at them and seeing them as the women they are now.
I love being able to see them as wives,
and mom's.

Because then I get a flashback to when we used to hang out,
all packed in my Mazda truck driving thru the orange groves,
being absolutely and totally goofy.

We've come along way.

Happy Birthday Ambir-D!!!!
We love you.


Amber said...

I had a great time! Yes a did make a pretty ugly face, my best one so far ;0).

Kels said...

Oh me oh my! I love hanging with you ladies! Too bad I was the tacky girl in black. ha ha! Girl pop group for sure!