Tuesday, March 29, 2011

16 months

(Enjoying his first donut)

Lucas is 16 months old and a full fledged kid!!

Right now we are enjoying watching him grow up right before our eyes. And asking ourselves, where did our baby go?

He watches his big brothers so carefully,
and as one does one thing the others follow like a row of dominos.
I think it's universal brother code.

Each day is filled with, "No's" and "Stop that's."
Cuts, bruises and kisses.

And each night, well, he's cutting molars right now, can climb out of his crib and has decided he no longer wants to sleep in his room...so they are fun filled nights of zero sleep.

But I tell myself morning after morning that all this hard work WILL PAY OFF! Oh it better!

Don't let this post fool you,
or his sweet smile.
My heart belongs to Lucas, and all the fun we get into each day.

But I'm really looking forward to the night where I get at least 6 hours of straight uninterrupted sleep..ahhhh, dreams!


lauren ♥ said...

i can relate, and i'm waiting for that night as well :)

p.s. his blue eyes are gorgeous! (but you already know that)

The Marshmans said...

That is a serious Kyle face!! MY goodness, HA!

Hang in there mama. I can relate with the sleep and the constant no's and stop's!! Henry is fixed on killing me slowly each day I am sure of it!

with love, the fishers said...

Ladies you offered me no hope! haha! We have a wild group of rowdy mamas boys on our hands :)