Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday DIY

How to plant Succulents!

Because they are beautiful and "kill proof", they are by far my favorite thing to plant, and since it's spring time I thought I'd share my tips with you on how I plant mine.

 Tip # 1: I always buy succulents in sets of 3's:
1 focal succulent, 1 structural and 1 textural.

How can you tell the difference you ask? Easy!

Focal Succulents are usually taller or bigger than the other varieties. They bring the height to your design.
Structural Succulents are more hardy looking and have a sleek modern looking design.
Textural Succulents are the more delicate, low lying succulents.
1 pot/cup/mug/bowl/dish (it does not need to have drainage holes)
Potting soil
3 succulents

in order: structural, textural & focal.

Fill the bottom of your pot with potting soil.

Now you can start planting.
I always put textural succulents in front, if not they might get lost behind the more hardy plants.

And that's it!
Easy enough right?

How to care for your succulents:

1) MIST them with water when the soil is dry. They do not require a serious hose down. Just a light mist from a spray bottle is all they need.

2) And sunshine, outside is perfect or next to a bright window.  

Have fun!


Amber said...

Ironic you posted this, I was just asking my father in law how to do plant in pots last night.

Alycia ( said...

succulents are my favorite and i love this post! i've been on the hunt for cute containers :)

Becca said...

love this post! this was actually very informative for me, thanks!

KristinChaos said...

I have a huge succulent that originated from a clipping from my parents yard. They originally got their clipping from my Great Aunt's plant! They are such amazing little plants!