Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tour de' Redlands?

The Redlands Bike Classic was no joke!

Parents were huddled around their kids like it was half time at a football game.
It was serious down there.

True Story:
A 5 year old boy next to Ayden tells me, "Um, excuse me MAM' but I'm going to beat your son!"

Ayden then looks at him and says, "I don't think so."

It was a tough crowd.

But in the end, Ayden placed 2nd and his friend Stella placed 3rd!
It was the most exciting 50 yard race I've ever watched.

Next up was Brandon and if I thought the 5 years old were tough,
Brandon might as well have raced Lance Armstrong.
These kids looked GOOD.
My sweet boy didn't know what hit him.

His race was a little under a mile and he kicked butt.
He was the first kid to win on a BMX bike!
I was proud. He was bummed he didn't get a medal like his brother....
BUT we always have next year.


Danielle said...

ah I loved this post! It makes me excited for when Henry is bigger. Your family is so adorable. <3

Havis said...

so sweet! I need to know where you got Lucas's bike seat. Macy girl needs one of those.