Friday, April 8, 2011


Kyle has been on vacation ALL WEEK.
It's been awesome.

On Monday I woke up super excited because I knew each day we'd be thrifting and eating food not cooked my me, at places other than my kitchen.
And I just can't think of a better vacation (honestly).

Although I have to admit, thrifting lately has been a total bust.
Is the IE completely picked over?

We are beginning to think venturing to the neighboring senior citz cities might be in the cards.

Seniors always have the greatest treasures.
And since I truly consider myself to be a senior in a 30 year old body, it sounds like alotta fun.

If you read this, thanks for a good week. You really are my best friend and believe it or not hanging with you is my favorite thing to do (when you're grumpy though, not so much).
And I do love you.
Thanks for staying up late with me eating cereal and watching The Kennedy's.

your wife.


Alyssa Rae said...

haha....sometimes its soo true.
sometimes...its fun to be alone.

Amber said...

Soo great you got to have him home this week! Cute Outfit, oh and I am hiring you as my personal shopper in May! XO

Amanda said...

I love being a senior in a 30 something body.

Little Tree Vintage said...

love that skirt! and how cute is that hubby note!

lauren ♥ said...

the note to your husband sounds exactly like one i would write to mine, haha. except right now late at night we are eating leftover birthday cake and watching the office :)

with love, the fishers said...

@Alyssa Rae, alone time is always good :)

@amber, I will definitely be your girl come may!

@ Mandy, if only we got the senior discounts!

@ Little Tree, thanks! I wasn't sure at first with the combo, but it totally worked!

@Lauren, your cake sounds WAY better than my cereal :)

ashley said...

I love The Kennedy's!! I bawled like a small child the last two episodes, complete with "Whyyy?" in between gasps for breath... In retrospect I LOL at myself, and pity my husband for having to witness me in such a state...

with love, the fishers said...

@Ashley, I totally cried like a baby too! Even though I knew what was gonna happen I was still hoping that "maybe" they'd make it. haha! So sad.
it was such a great mini-series!