Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life's a walk in the park

This morning we woke up and got out of the house.

The thing is, if I stay home, I will clean.
Even if I just did yesterday, I will find something.
I'm completely aware that I am a real life episode of "Obsessed."
Lucas has even caught on and will grab a broom any chance he can get and start to sweep or wipe up something. 
At least when they get married they'll be well versed in the art of house cleaning :)

We were the only ones at the park today!
How lucky we were. 

I'm realizing as I get more wrinkles, that I love being outside.
I love the sun on my skin.

The sound of birds.
The smell of the air.
The breeze thru the trees.

And I think me & Judy Farmer are on the same page.
I really hope heaven has trees too.

Happy Wednesday Friends! xo


browneyedgirl said...

stumbled on your page today via Sometimes Sweet. :)

lauren ♥ said...

i do the same thing... about cleaning. beautiful photos.

No Model Lady said...

Love that dedication stone!

KristinChaos said...

Looks like it was a beautiful day in Redlands!

with love, the fishers said...

@browneyedgirl, thanks for commenting!

@lauren, we need a cleaning intervention :) ha!