Monday, May 2, 2011

Date Day

Day dates are wayyyyy better than night dates.
For one, you're not tired by 7 pm.
And two, things just look better in the light.

So while the boys played with their grandma,
Kyle and I went thrifting (surprised?).
This time though we ventured to some new places out of our normal territory and scored big time.

Kyle and I always play dumb when we are thrifting.
We pretend we don't know the worth of the item,
or mid century designers...
he always just says, "my wife just likes collecting this stuff."
Which is the truth.

And while we were at one very questionable front yard thrift store, I mentioned in passing that my favorite pieces are danish made furniture.

The proprietor of this yard sale, a rather scruffy looking man with bulgy eyes and a cigarette hanging from his lip, looked at me and whispered, 

"so you like danish, eh? I can get it for you, give me 24 hours. We know guys." 

I asked myself, "Is danish modern the new crack?"

Because that really felt shady.
A little uncomfortable perhaps.

After we loaded down our nitro with all the chairs we could cram in, we decided to cram our bellies with food.

So went to the Royal Falconer in Redlands. 
And ate lavash and a caprese salad.

It was a good way to end a very good day with my favorite person on the planet.


angi said...


Danielle said...

I love day dates too for just that reason! :) Looks like such a fun day. Question though- did the "Danish dealer" come through?!

Happy Monday <3

Jeanie Aurora said...


with love, the fishers said...

We "scored" a chair from our shady friend. So I guess you could say he did come thru :)