Monday, May 23, 2011

Saying goodbye...

On Saturday, Kyle & I drove out to LA to say goodbye to my best friend. 

She is going on tour for the summer with her incredibly talented boyfriend, and then ending up in Massachusetts to stay for good.

The day was so perfect.

And I know it's not the end.
What we have is forever,
and nothing will ever change that.

But after hugging her for the hundredth time and walking away to our car, I couldn't help but cry. 

I'm really gonna miss having her around, 
but am so happy for what's in store for her.


I love you Lisa!!


Jeanie Aurora said...

I still remember you two beauties coming to market night and watching all the boys swoon. Mostly your husband. On you! <3

with love, the fishers said...

haha! He'd never admit to that! He acted like such a "tough guy" back then. miss u!