Thursday, April 22, 2010

You are my hot dog!

(Ayden, 2008)

Yesterday Kyle & I woke up to the sound of Ayden singing a song from his bedroom:

"Thank you for the hot dog...
Thank you for the a hot dog...
Thank you for the hot dog...
It was really, really good."

He loves to sing.
His favorite song is "You are my sunshine."
We sing it probably 10 times a day.

I think he was making up his own version of 
"You are my sunshine"
but about a hot dog instead.

Sometimes hot dogs are just that good.


lauren ♥ said...

beautiful photo! <3

Jeanie Aurora said...

I love this photo! you make beautiful babies!

Kel said...

The cutest little guy! I love hotdogs too!

bartomjea said...

Hot dogs are disgusting.....but sometimes, they are sooooo good....I think Ayden's got it right....Love that boy