Sunday, April 11, 2010


Sometimes I dream about having a VW bus.

My dad had a VW bug.
It was blue.
It was my grandpa's.
And I've always loved them.
The noise of the engine & the smell of the interior.
Like gas, dust and pleather. 

When I lived in Joshua Tree as a lil' girl, 
my dad would drive from Joshua Tree to Norwalk everyday for work... in his trusty. blue. VW bug.

I imagine myself in my VM bus,
loaded with my rowdy boys,
who smell like puppy dogs,
driving with the windows down,
with the warm sunshine on my skin,
in a long dress with dirt under my nails,
after a serious afternoon of digging in my vegetable garden.

A girl can dream can't she?


bartomjea said...

Your dreams are cool...

The Foy Family said...

Wow! I actually have the same dream (but with screaming little girls). My babysitter had one when I was little and I know and love the same sound and smell. Maybe when the economy gets better...

lauren ♥ said...

haha, very cool. my older brother is a huge vw enthusiast. he had a bus when he was in high school, and we used to load sooo many people in it and cruise around town. when it would stall at a traffic light, we would all have to get out and push it through the intersection! fun, fun times for sure! he still has a fast back now, and he loooves it. they are great old cars (if you know how to fix and maintain them. ugh. haha) <3