Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Well, my two lil' ones are sleeping.
The wind is blowing and I am here with you, 
rather than folding laundry...
(as I type, the full laundry basket sits next to me like a dark passenger...I'm selfishly ignoring).

You know what's funny, people always tell me that they think it's crazy that I have 3 boys.
And how I do "it"?
The funny thing is it's not the kids... it's the 8 loads of laundry a day it seems that makes me want to curl in a ball & cry mercy.

And to boot, the love of my life is quite particular when it comes to me washing his clothes.
Probably because I've shrunken far too many Obey shirts,
or mindlessly put a bleach soaked rag into the laundry basket.
Mindless mommy am I!

There is no point to this post.
Other than my random thoughts.

So I will leave you now.
Have a great Wednesday.

We have our small group potluck tonight.
Wednesday's are the highlight of my week.
And I am bringing a potato salad. yum.

take care. 

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The Foy Family said...

It's so true that the kids aren't the difficult part. If I could just hang with my 4 little people all day it would be a piece of cake. It's all the shiz that goes along with taking care of everyone that takes its toll.