Monday, April 19, 2010

How to fix a broken eyeshadow...

While fixing a few broken eyeshadows today, it dawned on me that I should share this "how to" with you.

Because if you are like me, whenever an eyeshadow kinda think about crying. Not anything serious, but maybe a tear of two. 

So for your viewing pleasure, 
here is how you fix your broken eyeshadow.

What you need:  
  • Alcohol (the higher the percentage the better. I use 91%)
  • A quarter
  • Your broken eyeshadow
  • An eyedropper
  • A piece of cloth (I'm using a baby washcloth)

Step 1:
Take your eyedropper and fill it up with alcohol.
And drop alcohol into your broken shadow.
It usually takes about 5-10 drops.
But if your eyeshadow is broken pretty bad, you might need more than 10 drops. 
You want to moisten your shadow, not drench it!

Step 2:
Take your quarter and place it into your fabric.
Twist the fabric around the quarter. 
(I use the cloth because quarters are dirty lil' things, and you do not want that dirt on your eyeshadow)

Step 3:
Take your quarter twisted in fabric & press it into your broken shadow.
(A quarter fits perfectly in a MAC eyeshadow)
Now press firmly.  
Use all your strength. 
I know you can do it!

Hold it there for a few, you're helping the eyeshadow reset itself & letting the alcohol work it's magic.

Now remove the cloth & your done!


(your shadow will still be wet, so the color will be slightly off. It dries fast, so do not fear.)

And that's all she wrote!
Have fun!