Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Porch Before & After

Remember when my porch looked like this?

Beautiful baby, but seriously ugly porch.

Well I got handy & performed some magic!

I had decided that I wanted to paint the porch a solid color and then do a painted on porch rug. 

I started with sanding down the whole porch.
no picture of that, it was messy!
And then I painted the whole porch a terra cotta color.

After the paint was good & dry, 
I measured off the section where I wanted my painted rug
and got to work free handing my design.

And here is the finished product.

The porch isn't quite finished.
I've been hunting for a small ice cream table 
& it desperately needs some plants.
But, overall I was pretty happy with the results!

Then Ayden decided to draw me a picture:
At first I thought I'd be upset (after working so hard) but I wasn't in the least bit.
It made me happy.
I had a lil' something special that he made just for me.
And how could that not make you smile?


Amanda said...

Love it! And the xtra drawing too :)

bartomjea said...

He wanted to show off his creative side too!