Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Put down that cookie!

Today I am feeling really frustrated with myself.

I have zero will power these days when it comes to eating well and working out.
And I'm getting chubbier by the week.
Thanks to my lethal addiction to sweets & snackin'!

Remember when I told you that Kyle & I had a weight lose challenge?
Well, that lasted for a solid week.
And no one spoke of it ever again.

Being chubby isn't fun for me.
It brings back some not so fond memories of being the chubby kid with a bad perm. 
And sadly, I was the butt of jokes with my ex-step-siblings 
(wow that's a mouthful). 
They always made fun of me in Spanish, like that made it better.
Bad words always seem to sound rather rough in another language.

Sometimes I think of my chubby kid self. And feel sad. 
I wish I could go back in time & hug me & tell me that being chubby was okay & that it's what on the inside that counts & those kids were just jerks who weren't gonna be around that long anyway.

I'm rambling now.

I just needed to vent.
And maybe since I put my stuff out there it might help motivate me to put down the cookie & start working out.

Ugh. Wish me luck.


Lea the Lion said...

You can do it!! Have you heard of Stroller Strides? It's a mommy and me workout class. I'm sure they have one in your area. That is what I used to lose my baby weight and it's so much fun! Your kids get to come with you!! I suggest you look into it!

Amber said...

P90X Best Part you and Kyle can do it together at home Billy and I are starting it next week. All my patients use it. Makes you feel and look great! Just an hour a day at home!!!

bartomjea said...

You and I are both Diet soda-holics. I'm becoming a firm believer that whatever the diet sweetener is (Aspartamine, Sucrose, etc)is has a property in it that increases your appetite. I used to think this was just urban myth, but I have gone a week to 10 days without soda, and I do eat less. I start losing weight. I start to feel better by about day 7. I'm not as gassy--I know, TMI--but seriously!! I have aches all over my body that start letting up when I stop drinking diet soda....coincidence? I think not, cause I've done this 3 or 4 times with the same results...I just can't stick to it. I've been drinking it way longer than you have. I just LOVE me some bubbles, so I'm trying to transition to carbonated flavored water. (But of course, I need to finish off all the soda left over from last Sunday....grrrr)There's some good ones out there. Just tried a pomegranite one and it was really good. They sell CO2 machines pretty cheap and you can carbonate just about anything....I do find I have to leave the cap off the waters, cause they are more bubbly than I'm getting my bubbles, and I'm drinking way more water which is a good thing...AND I'm not putting all that crazy fake sweetener in my body. You being more earthy and green than breastfeeding, I bet you can see the advantages of eliminating it too....PLUS...I also hear that diet sodas are dehydrating, can't scientifically vouch for that...but by drinking carbonated water, you'll be more hydrated, which increases your alertness, which just might make you want to move around more....And you know once it warms up, you can always come over and use the house and pool. You don't need an invite. Water workouts are awesome, when I was doing it everyday a few years ago, I felt great. It's low impact and you don't get all hot and sweaty...Ayden can swim with you, lucas can be in the baby floaty or in the pack n' look who's rambling.....I just can relate (and remember) being made fun of, and know exactly how hurtful it is.....hope some of this long winded "note" is helpful!! You are beautiful inside and out....we just never see ourselves as being "good enough" we?

with love, the fishers said...

I'm SO addicted to diet soda.
But I'm seriously going to make a change.
I don't want my boys learning my bad habits, because they do what they see. If I'm eating better, & working out that says so much.
I got this from my mama! She has the biggest sweet tooth. She'd take sweets over real food anyday.
Thanks for the advice guys!
I appreciate it so much!

Kel said...

Jay and I are doing it too! P90X. He has the kit already and I have been the worst influence. I'm going to join him starting Monday.

I have a major junk food addiction going on. I think breast feeding turns women into eating machines.

Man it is hard to eat right!

juliana said...

Come try some hot yoga! if not, you can borrow my insanity dvds, they are just so crazy, but so good!