Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Something Stinky Hiding in Here

We had a seriously stinky situation in this room.
And it kept us all out for weeks.
Door shut, no entry allowed.

It was B-A-D.
Like eyes watering, holding your breath while pluggin' your nose bad.

And involved a certain critter leaving this earth in the wall of Ayden & Lucas's bedroom.
Which if you've ever dealt with before (which man I hope you haven't), there is nothing you can do about it...except let it take it's natural course. 
Um, that's just disgusting.

But now we are back to sweet, clean smelling goodness.
I don't think I'll ever take the sweet smell of clean for granted again.


margo said...

poor you & your family!*barf* nothing worse than the smell of rotting flesh in the sweet days of summer.hopefully it's all over!

Amanda said...

glad the stink is gone :)