Thursday, June 30, 2011

Food on a stick

We celebrated Father's Day for my dad over the weekend.
At my grandma's house, which has been the "place" for all our get together's since I was a little girl.

It's pretty cool to see my boys do the things I remember doing there as a kid. 
Like jumping in the sprinklers, catching lizards, playing hide & go seek...

Her yard was never ending fun, and now as an adult I sit back on the porch in a chair watching them run & play. Having the time of their life!

Ayden told me the other day that he never wants to grow up, he wants to be a kid forever...I told him I really liked that idea.

And then I see my dad surrounded with all his kids & grandkids,
and I get so happy for him. What an awesome feeling to be surrounded by so much love. 

We are lucky to have him!
Which is all the more reason to celebrate.
And that's exactly what we did...

With pulled pork sandwiches and frozen twinkies on a stick (my sister is pregnant & these were her master plan). 

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