Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beach babies

I was REALLY scared to take Lucas to the beach.
REALLY scared.
He is a runner.
And I feared that he'd either run straight into the ocean's grasp or down the coast and never.stop.
And I am a terrible runner.
So when we decided to go I was secretly shaking in my flip flops.

We set up our lil' spot in a corner of Laguna Beach.
And Lucas sat down and played in the sand,
the entire time.

I was actually able to sit down and relax,
which lately with Lucas hasn't been very often.
It was so amazing.

And the boys boogie boarded the entire time.

We are planning a ton of weekly beach trips this summer!


Havis said...

so fun! We will be sure to join you a time or two.

Danielle said...

Oh how lovely! I seriously wish we weren't a darn land locked state. I love the beach so much.

I'm happy you had a great day <3