Monday, September 6, 2010

Thrifty Tips

(A sweet deer pencil holder, thrift store find)

As promised, better late than never, I always say...
are my top 5 thrift store tips for you!

Now, remember I am not a professional.
Is there such a thing?
If so, pencil me in.

I just love old things.
And I love to buy things for cheap.
So it's a win-win situation. 

First off, you have to get over the "dirty" factor. 
Some thrift stores are better than others, 
some smell like sweat and old gym socks.
But remember, EVERYTHING can be cleaned.
Your hands too.

#2: Keep a list.
I have a list on my iphone of things I want or things I currently "hoard." 

Here's are quick peek at my current lust list:
  • Owls (Although, I usually don't buy these at thrift stores. Since Kyle & I started antiquing way back when buying an owl on our trips have become like a memento, so unless I find one I really love...I save it for antique day)
  • Globes 
  • Vintage Pyrex 
  • Records (Mostly for Kyle. Although I do find one for me from time to time)
  • Paint by Numbers...But let me tell you this is like the holy grail of thrift store finds, for me anyway. I've had a serious dream of filling a wall in my house with these babies, but am sad to say my collection holds only 2 and it has taken me FOREVER to find them. Like forever meaning 6 months plus. 
  • Old cameras
  • Deer antlers (which I've yet to find)
  • Old broken jewelry 

#3: Use our dear friend "Google" to scope our thrift stores in your area. And then map out your plan of attack.

#4: I have the best luck at Salvation Army's. They restock consistently AND every Friday they have 50% off! And their pricing is always reasonable (unlike Goodwill, which is way too expensive...which I try and steer clear from).  

#5: Make frequent trips. The more you go and check stock, the better luck you'll have finding the things you want. I go every's become the day I look forward to most in the week. 

Oh and here's a bonus tip:
Search eBay and etsy to research things you want and take photos of those things, so that when you are out shopping you can remind yourself of what you like or a specific color theme you are going for.

I hope that helps!
Good luck on your next trip!


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