Thursday, September 30, 2010

Apples & a rainstorm

Don't you just love when there are days where life just confirms certain aspects about yourself?

Like take me for instance...I am consistently unprepared.

Take today...
Ayden had a field trip to the apple orchards in Oak Glen. 

On the way up the mountain, the weather changed for the worse.
What we thought was going to be a hot day,
turned into a hurricane.

So here I was with a 10 month old in shorts & a t-shirt, Ayden in jeans (thankfully) but no sweater and Olivia in a sundress.
And me...a dress with gladiator sandals.
(Why can't I just ever throw on jeans & a t-shirt in the morning...why?)

Pretty much we were in trouble.

At this time I praying that there would be a miracle in my trunk and instead of a blown out tire...I'd have 4 warm coats that fit my brood perfectly?

Fat chance.

Most of the morning was spent in a garage making apple cider, huddling under a black blanket.

Most of the kids were perfectly wrapped up in warm coats,
while the moms wore fanny packs with perfectly packaged snacks like almonds and banana chips.

Me...I had a half eaten banana bread in my purse.

(Are you seeing a trend here?)

When the rain let up, they could finally pick apples.
I told them that this was there big chance to run and play in the rain!

And they did.

They both ate loads of apples.
And a ton of apple cider.
(Fresh apple cider is amazing).

And when the day was over we climbed into my car and turned the heater on, that I can do! 


Angi said...

Love this! Love you. Made me laugh!

BARTOMJEA said... is about you go throw 3 or 4 old sweatshirts in a bag and leave it in your trunk....I have the ugliest gray fleece in mine that I bought at Rite Aid or somewhere for in case....cause I have been stuck too, and it sucks....but I'm sure you looked pretty!! ;]

xoxo, Kari said...

It's September in California. Who would have thought you needed jackets? I love you just the way you are my friend :)

with love, the fishers said...

Love you guys!

The Foy Family said...

The little people will never remember that you didn't put a jacket on them or have a snack. They'll only remember that you suggested they dance in the rain. (I'm pretty sure I just wrote a country song).

The Marshmans said...

those of us who are always unprepared are usually the most fun!!!!

lauren ♥ said...

great photos, and what a beautiful place! don't be too hard on yourself. everyone has flaws, and i bet those other room moms aren't half as cool as you are <3