Friday, September 17, 2010


...let me let you in on a lil' secret...
I am OBSESSED with clusters of things on walls.
I would probably cover every inch of my house in clusters...
it's addicting.

They make such a huge statement in a home.
And rather than having one large piece,
you are able to mix and match pieces that you love into one large any shape you want.

Here are a few inspiration pics for you on this Friday! 

(they have been saved on my computer forever...and sadly I don't have the links anymore...sorry) 

This plate display is on my  to do list.
I've been buying plates that I find at thrift trips in hopes to get this project done soon... my fall project list.
The above living room is probably one of my favorite spaces.
It's eerie, and weird, but beautiful.

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The Marshmans said...

I love it and am inspired - especially by those plates!!! Keep it coming girl!