Thursday, September 16, 2010

Grown up stuff

One of my 30 before 30, was to get a new vintage dining room table.
And yesterday I was able to cross that off my list.
Thanks to the Salvation Army this table cost us a whopping $75.00!

After doing some serious research I found out this table is a Duncan Phyfe (or a design similar to his style)

It's a 6 chair table, but so far we have only reupholstered 4.
Our hands were killing us by 11 o'clock last night.
Pulling staples, tugging fabric...takes forever.

We decided on a off white sleek vinyl fabric that looks really similar to leather. 
It looks so grown up!

A serious improvement from what was there before...


Even after the seats are done...
the wood needs some work.
Some spots are pretty bad...
and it helps that I married to Mr. Painter who loves sanding and staining on his off time. haha! 

Do you think it should be stained or painted? 
Love your thoughts.


Lea the Lion said...

Definitely stained!


Stain for sure!...It does look a lot like Duncan Phyfe....paint would just chip...

Kel said...

Stained! Keep it simple. save some room to paint it in the future!