Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Kyle's best friend Jason threw him a surprise party for his 33rd.
It really was all his idea, I helped just a little. 

He bought the balloons.
I bought the cupcakes.
And we both had to keep it a secret from the person we see everyday and who knows if we are lying! Hardest thing ever!

Saturday night...party time. 

Well, I came upstairs first to get the "photo" of everyone saying SURPRISE...
but my camera wouldn't take the photo!! 
So I requested a do over. 

This is the do over:
a birthday speech...

1 comment:

Jeanie Aurora said...

I must have missed the do-over! :(

Sorry I had to leave so early but I am glad I got to see his face when he walked up the stairs. You did such a great job!

Love u guys.