Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fire Truck

Ayden got to attend his very first birthday party for a friend from school. 

It was at a Fire Station.

And he had so much fun.

At first he was a bit shy... 

But then he found out he could spray the hose & it was all over from there!

And they got to take a ride in the fire truck.
I was bummed I couldn't fit in between all the kids and ride with them. Because when else would I be able to ride in a fire truck??

I did think it was funny that inside the fire truck was a radio and it was tunned to 99.1??? 
I mean I guess when you're on your way to a fire you need alil' Katy Perry or Eminem to set the mood. 

Seriously, it was probably the best 4 year old birthday party I've ever been too.
I think Ayden thought so too.


xoxo, Kari said...

How cool!

norwalkhills said...

It looked like a fun day. Im sure holding the fire hose and the ride in the truck was the best. Ayden enjoyed his day!