Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Results

I secretly knew that it was a boy.

My husband just doesn't make girls.

I promise you I am happy,

I'll love this boy with all that I am

BUT deleting my computer folder with all my handmade dress ideas,

room decorations

and putting to rest the name Lucy...

was a wee bit hard. (I'll be honest)

Now it's on.

I can start shopping...

which I'll need to do because can I really have a 3rd shower for another boy?

Even though you know I really haven't saved a thing.

Is that a good excuse?

Thanks friends for your sweet words and prayers for us.

Your prayers went to the health of our boy, which is most important after all.



A Boy Named Demetri said...

Of course you can have another shower!!! Lets have one for every month you are pregnant!! :)

We should have a pedicure day?

Amanda said...

I secretly hoped it would be a boy. There's just something about all boys that makes a mom extra special. You were meant to be a mother of boys and let's face it...it's not for everyone. And yes, there will be a shower. Love you tons!

bartomjea said...

You're just always gonna be outnumbered in your Fisher household.....and that's OK, cause you make awesome little boys!!!

Frates Baby Farm said...

Another plus...you will always be the lady of the house and your "men" will always take care of you. I think that is just precious. I can't wait to meet this wonderful little man. I love you!