Thursday, June 18, 2009

Because it's kinda funny...

And because I know how much you love our
"stories from the hood"...

Here is what happened last night:

After leaving the Larkins house (on a hunt to find a car seat...which was a bust...), we turned onto our street to find every one of the trash cans (it's trash day) from the front of every one's house lined up perfectly in a row blocking cars from driving thru.

Cars were parked in all directions just sitting there...

We turned around and saw our sweet neighborhood teenagers laughing hysterically at the prank they pulled off.

Aren't they just darling?
What would we do without them?

So my husband called the police. Again.
He was angry.

But to hear him tell the police dispatcher that, "teenagers lined up trash cans on our street..."
well was kinda funny.

Do you think the police cared that we were inconvenienced by trash cans?
Ummm....probably not.

and so it continues…


Lauren Fisher said...

Why were you looking for a car seat?

Amanda said...

Yes, I do love the stories. This was a good one! Not scary, just funny.

bartomjea said...

I'll be soooo happy when you guys can move....I saw an Eddie Bauer car seat at Costco, seemed pricey, but when you consider it goes from infancy to booster seat--prob a good deal....of course it's not shown online--if you don't have a card, I can take you or go back and get you more info