Monday, June 15, 2009

Here is what I look like these days. And here is a corner in my house.
Courtesy of Jeanie.

Our friends, Scott & Jeanie come over for dinner on Saturday night with their sweet boy Demetri.

We made tostadas & had some amazing guacamole.
Kyle & I missed it the next day.
The boys had fun playing together.
Running around chasing each other.
Stealing hugs from each other thru out the night.
We sat at the dinner table.
Listened to stories of the "old days." (Kyle & Jeanie go way back)
Talked about family.
And friends.
And how life now is so different, but in such a good way.
It was a good night.
Then I was off to bed...
because my body is not good at keeping up with me these days.


Amanda said...

You look awesome! Soooo good!

Angi said...