Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The "List"

We have lists for a lot in life.
Grocery lists,
To do lists,
Honey-do lists....

and now Brandon has presented me with thee "List."

The list of all the names he thinks we should name his new brother.

He took this VERY seriously.

Some are not bad.
Some would be great if I was a comic book junkie
Or if our other kids were named, Dr Dre & Snoop Dog.

But overall how could you deny a boy with so much creativity?
and passion?

Not to mention, if we name his brother "Man-Laser" he is going to be the one who will be defending his brother from the tons of kids who can't stop making fun of his name...

that or the kids just might be afraid of "Man-Laser" because his name means business and you might not want to mess with that!


kali erin said...

im gonna go with iceman. this is so awesome.

Lauren Fisher said...

I like Peter Parker...it made me laugh so hard

Amanda said...

Now...is that bottom one "Gay"? Maybe I'm misreading..although I am very good at reading 1st grade writing.

bartomjea said...

Priceless....I'm holding my sides from laughing out loud....thanks for the smile!...God, I love that kid!!

bartomjea said...

oh....and btw---he's gonna be known as Manlaser in this household.... ;]