Monday, June 29, 2009

Pepper Tree

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about our lives.

Not just mine, but yours.

I pray for your family as I pray for my own.

As I sleep, entertained by my realistic dreams and very frequent nightmares, my friends and family are sprinkled thru like little reminders God has placed in my soul.

This country is in a weird place.

Businesses are failing.

People are losing their jobs and careers.

And I think of my husband who is self employed and the weight that must carry on his shoulders. But he is faithful and always looks to God for guidance and provision.

For He has never let us down.

I think about our life in the future and when our baby is welcomed into this world with loving hands, and how I won't be going back to work.

I secretly worry.

But my love for my family and my children surpasses that worry.

God has placed that seed in my heart to be faithful to Him and I find peace in that.

To be a bigger presence for my children.

Even if we live in a place of "ugly" to societies standards...wherever my family lies, is where my heart is.

Even if we were in a tent under a Pepper Tree as long as my family is there, it would be "our home."

I am constantly reminded by Grace to let myself be moved, to always see beauty in everything around me. To not worry about the future, for today I have all that I need.


Angi said...

LOVE your heart

bartomjea said...

Don't ever worry about sleeping under a pepper always have a place to stay here....but we have pepper trees in case you want to camp out with the boys...;]