Monday, June 1, 2009

The Greats

I learned about a few of the Greats in my Family Tree...

Great Grandpa H.D.
He was a pastor of a church in Jasper, Arkansas.
Who passed away way too young leaving behind a wife and 6 children.

Here is a flyer from his church...isn't this amazing that my family kept this over the years? I think so. I love this stuff, but secretly know I would have thrown it away the second the revival was over. My husband doesn't appreciate that wacky side of me.

Here is the church he built in Jasper...

Still stands to this day, with beautiful stained glass windows.

I think Kyle & I should fly down to Jasper and get married again in this church.

Great Grandma Floy

I had always seen this picture in my Grandmas house, but never knew this was her mother.

Wasn't she stylish? Not to mention she raised 6 babies on her own!

On a side note, my dad noticed that she was wearing a ring in this picture and at the time had not met my grandmas father. Her children never noticed it before and now wonder if she was married before their daddy! Quite the scandal.

I wish I got to know her. I bet she had really great stories.


bartomjea said...

I'm fascinated by this stuff too-----but as you know, I'm more of a keeper of any kind of momento!! Sometimes I think if I throw away the momento, I'll throw away the memory.....

bartomjea said...

oh great....tell me my post has an error and to try again, then post BOTH of them....I'm so embarrassed