Monday, June 8, 2009

And the drama continues...

So those who know where we live, know we live in not the greatest of neighborhoods.

"But your house is so cute...too bad you live in the ghetto."
(we hear this way too often)

For a long time, we embraced it.
It never really bothered us.
It was like our running joke.
Yeah it's ugly coming in, but we were thankful for what we had and really loved our house.

Lately though we've had some hiccups.

Like last night for instance...

It's quiet.
We are watching Benjamin Button and hear screams coming down the street.

4 teenage girls decided that they are going to vandalize the 2 houses next to ours.
(Which are foreclosed properties)

My husband goes out to see what is going on and maybe scare them away...
but kids these days aren't scared of my husband?

They take sticks and are hitting windows and mailboxes, screaming.

The hippie's across the street come out and once they's always a guaranteed good show.

But these girls (who probably are 14 years old), don't care.
They take the sticks and slam them on the ground making crazy noises.
I think it even scared the hippie's.
Too crazy even for them?

Meanwhile we are on hold for the police....AGAIN.
They know us by name.

"Ohh..the Fishers? 6th street right?"

"Yep. That's us."

I lay in bed with Ayden, trying to shield his ears from all that's being said outside our walls and I think of our family and our new baby on the way...
and instantly wish that our house would sprout wings and fly away?
Why not?

We've had enough of this place.


Amanda said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! Definately praying for you.

Kari, Tommy, 3 dogs, a cat, a turtle and Violet makes 8 said...

Oh Dena, I'm sorry.

Lauren Fisher said...

Ugh, I can feel the sadness in your heart.

bartomjea said...

geeeeez.....that's got to be scary....{{{hugs}}}

Frates Baby Farm said...

Time to move...praying for something amazing to happen :)

A Boy Named Demetri said...

There is no shame in walking away from that shit! I grew up there, I know.

and, you should move here instead.

actually, I think Jesus might of mentioned something like that to me... ?? ya,... Maybe not the shit part, but I'm pretty sure it was similar.

Loving u.