Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I'm officially a stay at home mom.
Not like I wasn't before, but now the signs are beginning to appear!
Yes friends, I joined a Book Club!
It makes me laugh everytime I say it out loud...

Seriously though, I need to excercise my brain with some intellect. I apparently can't spell wipe & I forgot where Alaska was (my husband told me NEVER to repeat that). 

So what better way then to join a group of ladies or men (who knows) who like to read & don't have lives outside of their home. LIKE ME!
Because let's face it my social calendar has cob-webs.

If you want to join the book club too (and make me a happy girl), it actually starts today on Simple Mom.

The book is called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families.
I got my fancy copy at the library.
For free & it smells old.
You just can't get that awesome smell anywhere else!

Anyway, you just read the scheduled section each week & then there are discussions on the content in the forums.
I'm hoping it goes well.

If I come across anything worth while I promise I will share!


Kari, Tommy, 3 dogs, a cat, a turtle and Violet makes 8 said...

I love this! I'll check it out.

PS. Where did you think Alaska was? :)

Love you!

with love, the fishers said...

I thought it was an island! Yes I know! Be embarrassed for me!!!! My brain is turning too mush & apparently didn't need that tid bit of information. Love you!

Ron said...

Sorry Dena, I shouldn't have corrected you on Facebook about whipping and wiping. Next time I will ignore it and just smile. Love ya kiddo. You have a gift in being a stay home Mom, when so many others struggle with a two income family.