Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nursing Cover DIY

Now that I'm back in the world of nursing, I remember how important it is to have a good nursing cover.
Being at home is one thing, but public places is another.
Like at the zoo or in the car.
Or at my dads.
His eyes always drift to the ceiling when it's time for Lucas to eat.
I think it scares him!
Even though I do have a rather large blanket covering me. haha! Poor guy!

So in order to keep my "business" covered, I decided to make my own.
Because buying one is expensive and I resolved to sew more this year.
I found a great how to on Prudent Baby. Take a peek...

On a side note: I'm a wacky sewer. I don't do every step, and it'll probably disgust a novice seamstress but I'm self taught and I get by just fine.

What you need:
1 yard of fabric
Sewing machine
14" of boning 
2 D- rings 

Step 1:
Wash, (washing is important to keep your seams from pulling but I'll be honest I don't sometimes! I'm just way to impatient.)
dry & iron your fabric.

Step 2:
Cut your pieces-
  • Body piece: 26 x 38 (really though take the fabric and cut it to fit your body, some prefer more coverage then others).
  • Strap: 30 x 3
  • Other strap (which holds your D-rings): 7 X 3
Step 3:
Now take your cover piece.
Fold over the bottom edge 1/2 inch, iron and then fold over another 1/2 inch.
Iron again.
Sew in place.

Step 4:
Repeat step 3 for each side.

Step 5:
Now for the top part, fold over 1/2 inch, iron and then fold over another 1/2 inch and iron.
Fold the entire cover in half and mark 7'' from the center and mark each side with a pin.
Now sew with a straight seam in between your pins.

Step 6:
Now insert your boning into the space you just sewed. Make sure your curve is pointed to the right side.
Sew up the sides of your seam to ensure that your boning stays put.

Step 7:
Sewing your straps:
  • Fold them in half with the right sides facing each other.
  • Sew them together with a 1/4'' seam allowance.
  • Turn them inside out. (Attach a safety pin to one end and pull thru)
  • Iron flat once they've both been turned out.
  • On the short strap, take your D-rings and fold the fabric over them & pin.
  • Sew in place. Use a strong stitch.
  • Now take your longer strap, fold over one end and sew.

Step 8:
Now insert your straps on either side of the boning up under the hem.
Fold the strap up over the hem, iron and pin in place. (Do this for each strap on each side of boning).
Now sew each strap into place.  (A straight seam in a box form will keep it secure)

Step 9:
Now just finish sewing your straight seam at the top of your cover on either side.
And your DONE!

If you don't count washing and drying time for your fabric, this project takes less than an hour and it's really easy.


kelbell said...

I need a sewing machine! I love this. I want a machine for my Birthday.

Amanda said...

I'm wondering if I'll ever get out of the world of nursing!? He doesn't seem to be getting over it. I'll cherish it while I can though .