Wednesday, January 6, 2010


While reading our library book, "Muncha Muncha Muncha" before bed, Ayden came up to me and places something in my hand.

What I thought was a small lego was in deed not.
Not even close.

It was however a large, dried, green, booger!

He looked at me & smiled.

And I was left with this nasty crunchy (graphic, I know - I'm sorry) booger in the palm of my hand...feeling seriously grossed out.

Boogers really do gross me out.

That's one thing about being a mom that I just can never get use too.


lauren ♥ said...

hahaha, i know how you feel. my daughter used to wipe them on me, and i wouldn't know, and walk around all day with dried boogies on my shirt. gross! and now malcolm has been picking and wiping his on me too.

when i first started reading this, i thought you were going to say that the booger came out of the library book... ewww! so see, it could have been a lot worse (some other kids boogie! ewww)

We are the Fishers said...

that would be so much worse, you're right! I probably would've gotten sick if we found a foreign boogie in our book!