Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Buckets & Bangladesh

Have I told you how funny and crazy my neighborhood is?
Okay, well here's another story for the books.
Well, actually two.
It's two for Tuesday!

First story, remember Bob?
His house was abandoned for a long time.
Now 2 lovely Bangladeshian folks occupy the house and we couldn't be happier.
  • He gardens.
  • Wears a long skirt.
  • Cooks fish on his hibachi at 2 O'Clock in the morning.
  • And he put up a rather nice fence facing the street so he can sit on his porch to smoke his bong (in his skirt)!
Kyle watched him one night & he told him it was tobacco. 
To each his own.
The reason for the fence, well our friendly neighborhood police officer caught him partaking in his bong and came up to ask a few questions.
Hey, whatever it takes to improve the look of our hood!

And now for the second story in our tale of fun;

We have a bum well actually let's call him a Ho-Bo.
Because he is a real life Ho-Bo, and this guy is always on the move so I'd hate to call him a bum.
Anyway, we call him, Bucket Boy.
Because he always has a bucket with him, hanging from his bike (he wears a helmet too, this aint no ordinary Ho-Bo) while riding around town.
He sets up shop in the wash. Tents, and lots of buckets.
We look forward to seeing him.
It's like seeing a real life Bear Gryls.
Mastering the land of Highland with his tinder & buckets.

So we were at the library last week, stocking up and guess who was behind us while we walked out?
Yes! Bucket Boy!
I looked over at Brandon and said, "Dude, that's bucket boy!"
He say, "No way! Should we say, Hi, Bucket Boy?"
I said, "Well, I don't think he knows his name is Bucket Boy!"
So we stared in amazement at our Ho-Bo hero.
He goes to the library?? He's awesome.

Then yesterday, Ayden & I were out and about and we sighted him again.
Riding his bike, with a bucket, his helmet & eating some lovely California raisins.

Whatta guy!


bartomjea said...

There has to be a positive here--you're boys are learning acceptance of other's "culture" and lifestyles???

bartomjea said...

*your boys....duhhh