Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Wedding Singer

My best friend since Jr High had her 30th birthday party at the Blue Goose Lounge on Sunset Blvd in LA. Everyone had to come in their 80's best.

The outfits were insane:

  • mullets
  • leotards, (g-string leotards!!! Don't see those too often)
  • neon everywhere
  • blazers

(I wish I took more photos but people in LA get weird when the flash of a camera goes off)

Example #1:

1) I take a picture of Lisa and about 4 people behind her turn around and look at me angrily, obviously trying to shield their friend with their shoulders...the friend, Sandra Oh from Grey's Anatomy. By far the coolest thing.

It seriously looked like a scene out of the Wedding Singer.

It was fun. I'm glad we were able to be their for her big day.

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