Sunday, January 4, 2009

Project Saturday...a disaster.

Sometimes my vision of what I want my craft to become, doesn't exactly turn out that way.

Example: My headboard.

I had dreams of a beautiful, plush, romantic headboard, but instead I have a skinny, flat, falling off my wall headboard!

It's U-G-L-Y!

Problem # 1: I ordered the wrong fabric. It doesn't compliment my walls or my bedspread.
The lack of planning on my part can be my worst enemy.

Problem # 2: I thought I could secure it with cardboard?!!? What was I thinking!

Problem # 3: I thought I could nail the cardboard to the wall! Someone please slap me for thinking I could nail cardboard to plaster walls!

Now I have a headboard that is slowly sliding down my wall which is exposing the dozens of holes...exposing all my secrets to my husband who I'm sure doesn't appreciate what he is going to have to fix.

Dang it!

Another resolution added to my list:
I REALLY need to learn how to be patient and take my time.

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Frates Baby Farm said...

Oh gosh...I'm sorry. I know how that goes. Take a step back a re-evaluate. Plan B!!! Love you...have a wonderful week!