Friday, January 23, 2009


My 2 adorable children think I am a super mom and they say I need a cape!

But I can't help but feel a little guilty though...

My parents worked. My mom worked more but we had no choice, it was survival and I don't judge her in the least bit. She did what she had to do for my sister and I. She sacrificed so much and with children of my own now I understand the sacrifices she made.

But I always said I would never work when I had kids.

When Brandon was born. My situation at the time did not allow me to stay at home and every day driving to work my heart broke because that's not where I wanted to be.
I actually began to despise my job and treated it like an enemy who had stole something so precious from me.

When Ayden was born our family life was stable, and we agreed that I was going to stay home and I was able to for 2 years!
It was a beautiful 2 years.

In my heart I am a "Stay at Home Mom."
If that makes any sense.
When people ask what I do, I say "I'm a Mom."
Although I work full time, my heart is not here.
It's with my boys with every step they make during their day.

I take great pride in being a mom.

I love our home and everything it represents. A safe haven for us to escape from the noisy world. A place where we can feel safe, where we can thrive.

It's my favorite place to be and I want it to be that way for my kids too.

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