Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dinner Dates

We had friends over for dinner last night.

The menu : pasta & chicken.
Although it didn't make Mr. Fisher very happy... you see he's been on Atkins now for 2 weeks and so seeing cheesy pasta with tomato sauce was torture.

It's fun to see your significant other around house guests. How they present themselves, our home and the stories they like to tell.

For my man, the mood is always nostalgic.

He likes to go back in time, show old photos (look how skinny he was? We look like babies!),
go thru all band memorabilia and vinyl.

Let me say that the world of vinyl collectors is a world like no other.
Did you know that they have special terms for the colors of the records, besides the obvious?
You did?
O, not me.
They have a color of a record referred to as "Puke!"
Sick, but I dare say creative.

I like to see him have a good time, smile and laugh.
That brings a smile to my face.

And just because we laughed so hard about this and it was mentioned that I probably would blog about it....I just couldn't resist.

During dinner, our four legged friend decided to poop on the carpet right by the table.
A serious poop that was as looonnngg as it was smelly.

For the next 20 minutes, we watched as chaos ensued on the proper method for removing the poop effectively and still somehow continue to eat our dinner peacefully.

Dinner Date's are always entertaining at our house.


Amanda said...

ha ha

The Marshmans said...

oh I remember some of those nights!! Drives out to the beach in search for a particular record. I never understood it either?.. And by the way, I think Kyle is one of the best storytellers I have ever known!