Saturday, January 3, 2009

We made it.

With all odds stacked against us, we made it successfully to Yosemite.

An hour and a half into our trip, happy kids & happy parents....dead stop traffic. Not just traffic, I use that would loosely....I'd call it a parking lot.

Toxic chemical spill in the grapevine, caused a 27 car pile up. And we were just 14 miles from our exit.
A trip that should have taken us 4 hours, took 8.

Thanks to my husbands amazing skills (backing up on the freeway cutting through 5 lanes of cars with very angry drivers), he was our hero and our Garmin... We wanted to marry our GPS after our trip, what would we have done without her? She rocks!

When it was all said and done Yosemite exceeded our every expectations.

It was breathtaking.

And in the valley was an untouched winter wonderland.

Here is some of the stuff that we saw, enjoy:

A family of dears passed us on the road.

The sun shined on the snow so perfectly it shined like diamonds.

We decided that every new year we are traveling to a new location.
I think next year, the grand canyon!?
A resolution we can keep.

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