Thursday, January 8, 2009

And this is the New Year

So far this year I am insanely scurrying through my house listing everything that I am ready to fix, paint, change, throw away, or am just plain ol' sick of (which let me tell you is a hole bunch)!

4 years in our house, we are now busting at the seams and things are looking shabby.

Rather than try and hold myself to a resolution I am undoubtedly never going to live up to (for example, loosing 25 pounds or growing out my hair - because we all know that's never gonna happen).

I now have....
My ever growing honey do list:
1) Paint bedroom. Brown maybe?
2) Paint dressers black.
3) Make curtains for bedroom & living room.
4) New rug for living room
5) Organize my closet
6) Organize under my it's scary under there.
7) Clean out the backroom/junkroom/sewing room...
8) Sell all my unwanteds on craigslist
9) Continue my hunt for a new 6 seat vintage dining room table with beautiful legs
10) Kitchen - new floor.
11) Bathroom - new floor.
12) Back room new floor perhaps? If we are lucky.
So that's it?...says my poor, dear, sweet husband.

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Amanda said...

YOu and I are on the same page. If Woody thought I was naggy about the house last year, just wait. I too have many plans...paint hte bedroom, paint the hallway, I bought new rugs for the living room and new pillow covers for the couch, rearranged the living room, new mirror on the wall....