Thursday, January 15, 2009


16 things you probably never knew about me.

Here goes:

1) I am addicted to lotion. I have to have it on me at all times and if I don't my thoughts are consumed with how to get it. It's sad.

2) I hate the sound of Styrofoam. (Especially coming out of a box) The noise drives me crazy.

3) I am notorious for throwing everything and anything away. My husband thinks I'm crazy...I just don't want to become a pack rat.

4) I hate dirty feet.

5) I buy tons and tons of books but never finish them.

6) I love going to bed listening to Kyle watch TV. I will sneak into bed before he does just so that I can hear it.

7) I have had 3 step mothers, 3 step fathers, 5 steps sisters and 2 step brothers. All past tense, except for one.

8) I am extremely indecisive and very random. If you read the last 6 blogs of mine you can see how truly random I am.

9) My grandma is probably one of the most amazing women I have ever met.

10) I like to write weird words down that I hear people say or that I read. I used to keep a journal of weird words, now I just have them written in odd places in my wallet or on scrap pieces of paper.

11) I have a fear of bad breath.

12) I get nervous around new people.

13) I met my husband when I was 16 years old at market night. He gave me a squash.

14) I always lose my ATM card. I've reported it stolen so many times I can't even count. It's embarrassing.

15) I love to eat oranges with salt.

16) My favorite Chap Stick is called Chicken Poop! (it doesn't actually contain poop but the name is incredibly funny and it smells like oranges and lavender)


Anonymous said...

Hi Dena,
Get rid of number 6, how depressing.
Number 9 and 16 are my favorites.


Amanda said...

I too throw everything away and drive my husband nuts. I think when you have small houses like you and I have, it's a good thing.

The Fisher Family said...

You mean # 7?
Gotcha daddy. haha